• Your SMSF: When Expenses and Investments Are Not at Arm’s-length
    We often get questions from clients about what they can and cannot do in their SMSF. Often the questions relate to related party transactions – that is, interactions between the SMSF, its assets, and its members (or relatives of members). We’ve set out some of the common questions and answers. […]
  • hands-resignation-letter-2
    The Top 8 reasons Why Staff Leave
    Australia is facing a shortage of skilled labour. When the supply of staff dry up the focus often turns to retention. But, the first step is to understand why people you want to stay, choose to move on? Change in leadership – Leadership vacuum or concern about the impact of […]
  • ATO tax tables
    ATO Touts New Account Viewing
    In an update from the ATO, it outlined that it had made a number of improvements for tax professionals to “make it easier” to view clients’ accounts in online services for agents. The changes detailed in the update include the development of a single system for activity statements and franking […]
  • Australian Tax Office
    ATO Signals Crackdown on 4 Ineligible Work-From-Home Claims
    The ATO on Thursday urged all taxpayers to be aware that, while the temporary shortcut method will remain available to those claiming work-from-home deductions this year, personal and occupancy expenses, among others, cannot be claimed through any method. Personal expenses like coffee, tea and toilet paper — while may be made […]
  • benefits-of-working-from-home
    Taxpayers Urged to Keep Work-From-Home Records
    Although Australia has fared well throughout COVID, our working patterns have changed in step with the rest of the world, as expected,” said David Tomasi, chairman of Moore Australia. “It is important that Australians are aware of their entitlements under the ‘new normal’.” While tax agents should be advising their […]
10 November 2020

When Should You Use Debt?

Source: NestEgg Despite record-low interest rates and changes to credit regulation making it easier for consumers to get a loan, a wealth educator has urged Australians to keep their debt low in order to build wealth. In a conversation with nestegg, Minnik Chartered Accountants director and wealth educator Leah Oliver […]
26 June 2018

Simple Steps Can Have a Big Impact on Your Money Situation

Taking a few simple steps can be the difference between forging ahead financially and merely coasting along. And, action – rather than inertia – can pay off in regard to both saving, and making money. Take a Closer Look at Key Service Providers On the savings front, sticking with the […]
5 June 2018

What to Expect (Financially) When You’re Expecting

No matter how many pregnancy and parenting books you read, nothing can truly prepare you for becoming a parent. But one thing you can do is get your finances in order. As part one of our two-part series on preparing for a new baby, here’s a guide to what to […]
10 May 2018

Get Strategic to Protect Against Volatile Markets

With major markets caught in a wave of volatility, many investors have started to question the composition of their share portfolio. We appreciate that investors can find it hard to make the right decisions in the best interests of their entire portfolio when capricious markets are accompanied by “noise”. We have three forensic […]
23 April 2018

Crypto Rules are Changing – This Is What You Need to Know

As cryptocurrency regulations shift further in line with general bank transactions rules, investors should remember that ignorance is no virtue, a tax expert has said. New rules requiring that cryptocurrency exchanges sign up to the Digital Currency Exchange Register, and have transactions exceeding $10,000 reported to anti-money laundering and financial […]
24 July 2017

Importance of Financial Projections

In order to get the attention of serious investors, it is important to have realistic financial projections incorporated into your business plan. Projections can be a tricky business as you try to anticipate expenses while trying to predict how quickly your business will grow. Nobel Thomas can help you with […]
29 June 2017

Importance of Financial Projections

t is important to prepare regular financial projections and cash flow forecasts as these provide useful information as to the expected financial position of your business. In most cases, banks and funding bodies will request financial projections when businesses are applying for finance. A cash flow projection shows how cash […]
5 April 2017

Survival Kit for Cash-Strapped Businesses

Being cash-strapped in your business can be soul destroying with all your hard work leading to what feels like nothing – but help is on the way. Hopefully, you can follow a few of the steps below and put them in your game plan for surviving this challenging time and […]
5 January 2017

Top Financial Apps for 2017

Banking and managing money keeps getting easier and easier. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve had to actually go to a bank to deposit a check. Just today, I settled up some vacation expenses among friends without ever leaving my armchair. Personal finance apps help us remember […]
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