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    Where Should You Invest When Interest Rates Are So Low?
    Source: NestEgg With the cash rate close to zero, this will have big implications for how you should invest your money to generate the best return. So, what are the options and which asset classes will best enable you to build wealth? Cash  Australians have put $100 billion in the […]
  • tax cuts
    How Australians are Taking Advantage of Income Tax Cuts
    Source: Accountants Daily Colonial First State (CFS) has surveyed 2,000 Australians to determine their tax-saving intentions following changes to personal income tax announced in the budget on 6 October. As part of the measures to personal income tax, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg declared tax cuts worth nearly $30 billion would be made […]
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    ATO Extends JobKeeper Deadlines Ahead of Christmas, New Year
    Source: Accountants Daily Completion of the December business monthly declaration, for employers to be reimbursed for payments between 23 November 2020 and 3 January 2021, has also been extended from the usual 14th of each month to 28 January 2021. To account for the New Year weekend, the Tax Office will also […]
  • jobmaker
    JobMaker Hiring Credits: What We Know So Far
    We’ve had quite a few questions about the JobMaker hiring credit announced in the 2020-21 Federal Budget. The legislation enabling the JobMaker scheme has not passed Parliament as yet and until this occurs, the JobMaker rules are not certain and may change. More details should be available soon and we’ll […]
  • tax loss
    Refunds for Tax Losses
    If your company has made a loss, you may be able to claim a tax refund for tax previously paid on profits.  In the 2020-21 Federal Budget, the Government announced that businesses with turnover under $5bn* will be able to offset any losses made between 2019-20 and 2021-22 against previously […]
  • investment
    Tax Deductions for Investing in Your Business
    Stimulating investment is high on the Government’s agenda. To encourage spending, the 2020-21 Budget introduced a measure that allows businesses with turnover under $5bn* to immediately deduct the cost of new depreciable assets and the cost of improvements to existing assets in the first year of use. This means that […]
18 September 2017

How to Choose the Right Accountant for Your Startup

What do you look for when you choose a Melbourne accountant for your startup? How do you know who to choose and why they are a good fit for you? If you are part of an active and social startup community, like startup Melbourne or startup Adelaide, you can draw […]
7 February 2017

Is Your Fear Of Failure Holding Your Team Back?

We all know that fear of failure can limit us. But did you know that when managers experience fear of failure and let it dictate their professional actions, it can have a negative impact on their teams? Playing it safe can carry significant risks The problem is that when someone […]
30 January 2017

Get Funding For New Business

Some people are born entrepreneurs, and need to get funding for their new business in the Melbourne area. If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to take the next step, seeking out funding may be a great option for you. First, you should have some idea of what your […]
21 November 2016

Starting A Business

Small business owners are in a unique financial position, especially when they start planning for the future. Many won’t have the same range of financial assets that employees develop over their career, and plenty will be relying on the business to provide for them and their families when they step […]
19 November 2015

7 Tips in Growing Your Business

Unless you are quite happy just ticking over, it is likely that you will be looking for ways to develop and grow your business. These 7 steps can set you off in the right direction Review Your Business Plan Regular assessment of your business plan enables you to measure your […]
16 November 2015

Overview on Your Business Finances

A business can unlock additional financing and avoid cashflow problems by managing its finances prudently and strategically. Managing Your Cash One of the key financial aims of a business is ensure that it has enough cash on hand to keep the business going. That means both getting paid on time […]
10 July 2015

Startups Need To Start Right

Cost reduction is often resorted to by most companies in times of economic downturn. Option resorted is the reduction of employees or scheduling employees. Because of this most employees affected will start doing their small business. Here ate Melbourne Accountant, we believe it is critical for businesses that they have […]
29 June 2015

Five Tips for Starting an Online Business

If you have decided to start your online business you have to pay attention to details. You need to start small before venturing into bigger things. Get Started and “Fail Fast” It is easy to fall into the trap of investing thousands of dollars like perfecting websites and developing detailed […]
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