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My name is Ewan and I run online stores selling products such as watches and teeth whitening paste.  My ex business partner first found Mert through a Google search and I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mert for a couple of years.  I have just turned 22 and have achieved a lot in business to date and Mert, being 20 years older than me, has helped with his wise head to ensure that the business decisions I make are the best for me.  Mert always has my back which is a key reason why I value the relationship that I have with him and his firm.

I also once told Mert that I learned more from him in a business structuring meeting than I ever learned at uni – this is probably a reflection of the sad state of our education system!

Mert is currently helping me purchase my first property using proceeds from my businesses. My first ever business I sold for a considerable amount of money and without Mert’s help, the sale price could not have been achieved (And he understands the  online space extremely well which makes dealing with him and my affairs simpler). I used the proceeds from that business to start my next business and did not have to rely on any kick starter campaign on this occasion.  I am now in a position where I can look at entering into JV’s with other partners and hopefully can purchase a property every 12 to 24 months using profits I make from the online stores.

When I sold my first business, Mert was able to show me how I can legally minimise the amount of tax that I pay on the sale of the business (using the laws in place surrounding capital gains tax and the exemptions available).  This advice then enabled me to use the proceeds of sale from my business to bank into my next business with a view of making that business bigger and better (and without having to worry about a huge tax bill from the sale of my first business)

Mert and his team, especially Nils, have been fantastic and hopefully we can continue the relationship for many more years to come

Ewen B
30th June 2017

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