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My wife and I run a successful property development company in Melbourne (we undertake developments in the West and now are developing in the East).  We came to see Mert as he was highly recommended with business and tax strategy being his strengths. We have been with Mert now for 3 years and without his help and guidance, we definitely would not be where we are today.  We had our business grow quite quickly, at one stage we had 6 of our own developments plus 4 developments we were managing for others (this was Mert’s idea to add another income stream and manage developments for others).  Cash flow became a crucial issue during this sustained growth phase. Did we have enough money to settle new acquisitions? Could our business sustain delays caused by objections and VCAT applications? Could our business deal with builder delays? Did the business make enough money for my wife, Jacinta to cease her full time job as a marketing consultant and come and work for the business?

I must admit, Mert has exception skills with Excel for someone in his 40’s, and he introduced us to a program which he designed on Excel to view projected cash flows into the future.  This has been the single biggest help that Mert has had on our business. With the use of this very comprehensive cash flow spreadsheet  (and it only takes a few minutes to enter in information) plus his own personal nous and expertise, Mert was able to show us how we can have enough cash flow to survive into the future, meet all our tax debts and most importantly, deal with the hiccups which invariably happen with each and every development.

We also find that Mert’s understanding of the tax law is exceptional in the sense that he understands which structures and strategies produce the best tax outcome for us without breaking the law. We do often hear of other developers getting into trouble with the ATO. We had an audit approximately 12 months ago, and we got through the audit with no complications. And also Mert’s understanding of stamp duty has helped us save stamp duty costs.   As there can be stamp duty payable on transfers of units in a unit trust, by setting up the structure correctly at the start we have avoided these unnecessary costs down the track.

Mert also has 3 staff, Daniel, Nils and Jasmine who have different roles in the business and we find them all competent and pleasant to deal with.

Mike and Jacinta
Property Development
14th July 2017
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