Below are actual experiences from existing clients of ours. Please read through each of them to determine whether we can help you.

My partner and I came to Mert asking him if there is anyway to reduce our credit card debt of $25k which was used to fund our personal lifestyle.  We are on a combined income of approx. $75k with an existing mortgage of $360k.  We had already tried our current bank to get a loan to pay off our credit card. Our bank couldn’t help us.

Mert went through a series of questions and advised that by structuring our affairs in a particular way, we would be able to obtain an extension of our loan to pay off our credit card.  Mert approached his personal broker who was able to help and what we thought was not possible ended up being a reality.  We owe a whole lot of gratitude to Mert for thinking outside the square and helping us alleviate our credit card stress.  And as a bonus, through the broker’s help, we managed to reduce our home loan interest rate even further to save on future interest payments .

Anthony and Louise
6th October 2017

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