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I was introduced to Mert by my brother a few years ago and have had been happy with the service that have received from Mert and Nils.  I run a plumbing business on the central coast of NSW and switched over to Mert because my accountant was not lodging our tax returns until being prompted by my partner and I and was always late in lodging.  Mert’s proactive in that regards, with his staff constantly sending emails seeking information to prepare the next BAS or tax return.  The first year with Mert I received a much bigger refund than normal (Mert assured me that this was all legitimate!) but it is his knowledge of superannuation and tax strategies which sets him apart from my previous accountant.  We will be working towards purchasing a property within super in the next 12 to 24 months.

During 2016, I had been mentioning to Mert that I would like to buy property and Mert showed me how it could be done (I put purchasing a property in the too hard basket as I thought my income was too low).  John ,the mortgage broker that Mert put me onto, was able to secure a loan to purchase a property on the Central Coast at an interest rate of under 4% . It’s this kind of knowledge that Mert has that sets his apart from my previous accountant.

The other great thing that Mert did for me was remit penalties and interest that the ATO had imposed on me.  I was seriously stressing about this (as the debt was about $3,000) and he was able to remit it all for me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mert and his team to others

Matt P
23rd May 2017
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