Nobel Thomas has solid experience in accounting within the medical profession. We offer expertise in both your personal and professional financial affairs, and understand the opportunities, risks and challenges you may face as you move through the different phases of your career. We pride ourselves in personalised services for all medical professionals.

Our Services

We can assist with all the financial service requirements for medical professionals, including:

  • Income tax and utilising tax planning to build wealth
  • Financial planning, superannuation and investments
  • Estate planning & business succession
  • Risk Management and Analysis
  • Compliance
  • Business structures
  • Business Statutory Obligations

New Graduates

You may think income tax is the only financial matter you need to consider at this point. Planning and managing your debt and wealth creation is equally important. The time to start developing and implementing wealth creation strategies is right now.

Residents and Interns

We can help you take the fullest advantage of salary sacrificing and the generous exemptions enjoyed by public hospitals. We can help with career development by providing accurate predictions of future earnings for different medical specialties. We can also provide advice on the issue of unaccredited overtime.

Undertaking Specialisation

Our reputation is such that banks accept our predictions of future earnings for different medical specialties, meaning your specialty can be leveraged now. We can show how to start building real wealth or even simply to finance a car purchase by borrowing against future earnings.

Business Planning & Development

Over many years we have been able to establish strategic alliances with key players in the industry. We have developed benchmarks which allow us to provide ongoing support and mentoring to help you grow your practice. This could take the form of feasibility reports for your prospective acquisitions, profitability analysis of an existing practice or particular areas of operation.

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