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SMSF Accountant in Melbourne

SMSF accountantWhen establishing and running a SMSF, it is important that your financial records and documents strictly comply with Australian regulations. For most members of an SMSF, the safest choice is to find its own super fund accountant that provides SMSF accounting services for members. Nobel Thomas employs SMSF accountants located in Melbourne who can help with various SMSF services.

Nobel Thomas provides SMSF accounting services throughout Australia. Our SMSF Accountants can help you with all your tax, accounting and compliance requirements. This includes data input, financial statements, annual preparation from trial balances and member statements. Financial statements and compliance audits are a pre requisite for an annual SMSF financial year, which ends on 30 June. 

Each year, our SMSF Accountants prepare financial statements and file income tax returns. In addition, they must prepare other applicable disclosures which are to be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office.

What services can we provide?

  • Annual financial statements including operating reports and balance sheets.

   SMSF Investment and Lending Advice

   SMSF Tax Advice

   SMSF Pension and Accumulation Advice

   SMSF Personal Insurance Advice

   Retirement Planning

  • Provide investment movement reports, analysis of aftermarket assessments such as for the end of the year.

Why Choose Us?

Nobel Thomas offers you experts who have the experience to help financial planners and fund trustees navigate this difficult subject. In addition, we arrange for the audit of your self-managed superannuation fund allowing you to focus on your duties as an SMSF trustee. Each of these services, including arranging and communicating with an auditor, are available through our self-managed super fund accounting service.

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Licensed accountants who are authorised to provide financial product advice about SMSFs are able to have much a broader discussions with their clients about SMSFs under their licence.

If you are new to the SMSF environment or are in the process of starting up an SMSF, then one question that you will ask yourself is whether you need an SMSF accountant.

While an SMSF accountant is not a requirement, their services are undoubtedly beneficial to the SMSF strategy and your administrative requirements. Running a SMSF requires investment of time and unless you are familiar with the SMSF rules and regulations, finding the services of a SMSF accountant is generally recommended.

Our Nobel Thomas SMSF Accountants can provide answers to your questions. We are also equipped to offer sound advice as to your SMSF requirements and to explain the role of an accountant in the running of your SMSF.

By law, Australian taxpayers are required to contribute into superannuation. Our mandatory super system is Australia’s national strategy to fund retirees who have reached retirement age.

Choosing to start a SMSF is a great way to obtain flexibility in your investments and to control your retirement. Don’t lose side of the fact that becoming a SMSF director and trustee is also a big responsibility, requiring personal time and effort to ensure it is managed correctly – with the help of our SMSF accounting services, we will provide the support that you need.

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