• loans
    Secured and Unsecured Loans: What’s the Difference?
    Source: NestEgg When you’re planning a big purchase (a car or a house) or just need cash to help you through financial trouble, choosing the right type of loan is important.  There are two types of loans: secured and unsecured loan. The main difference between these types of loans is […]
  • home-loan
    What Younger Australians are Getting Wrong About Home Loans
    Source: NestEgg For some younger Australians, the possibility of being locked out of the country’s housing market is as much a fear as it is an opportunity. A growing gulf between housing prices and wage growth has inspired many to jump into the market no matter the cost. However, some […]
  • cryptocurrency
    Crypto Investing Has Doubled in Popularity Among Younger Aussies
    A contrast to their jargon-laden origins, new research released by CoinSpot suggests that cryptocurrencies are creeping into mainstream Australia. “No longer is crypto reserved for the tech enthusiasts; now everyday investors are getting involved,” said CoinSpot marketing executive Tim Wilks. Mr Wilks said that both strong growth from market leaders […]
  • tax tips
    ATO Issues Tax Tips for First-Time Share and ETF Investors
    Recognising that first-time investors often misunderstand their tax obligations in relation to reporting capital gains and income, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has warned first-time share and exchange traded funds (ETF) investors that a range of simple mistakes can prolong the process. “Unfortunately, first-time investors often don’t understand their taxation obligations, […]
    Divorce, Superannuation and the Gender Divide
    From 1 April 2022, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will be able to release details of an individual’s superannuation information to a family law court. The recently enacted laws are designed to ensure that there is procedural and economic fairness in divorce proceedings to prevent the under-reporting of superannuation assets. […]
  • unwinding the pandemic
    What now? Unwinding the Pandemic
    Australia’s two largest states and the ACT are in lockdown as the Delta strain of COVID-19 takes its toll while others are standing firm on a policy of eradication. The result is a country at a policy impasse and divided by border restrictions. And, it is not just businesses in […]
12 March 2014

The Future Of Accounting In The Clouds

More and more Melbourne accounting firms are adapting cloud computing solutions. Its popularity is not mainly due to the lower costs but more importantly for its near limitless growth opportunities. Understanding Cloud Accounting Are you looking for a Melbourne accountant who stays on top of the latest technological advancement? You […]
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