• ATO tax tables
    $120m in JobKeeper clawed back by ATO, new compliance areas highlighted
    Source: Accountants Daily Fronting a Senate estimates hearing on Tuesday, ATO second commissioner Jeremy Hirschhorn said $200 million in payments had been stopped permanently, with another $100 million under review. “We have also stopped future claims of another $350 million,” Mr Hirschhorn said. “This is where we’ve found someone was […]
  • jobkeeper
    ‘Critical’ 31 October Deadline Looms for New JobKeeper Enrolments
    Source: Accountants Daily While the JobKeeper extension kicked in late last month, the ATO has allowed employers until 31 October to meet the wage condition for all employees. New JobKeeper entrants will need to go one further by enrolling and submitting their “Check decline in turnover” online form to the […]
  • superfunds
    3 Best and Worst Super Funds Revealed
    Source: NestEgg Stockspots 2020 Fat Cat Funds report has stated that poor performance is largely due to higher fees, with CEO Chris Brycki highlighting to consumers they would be $200,000 better off if they are in a fund charging less than 1 per cent instead of paying 2 per cent. “One […]
  • home ownership
    Should Home Ownership be Part of Superannuation?
    Source: NestEgg Liberal politicians, including Tim Wilson, are in support of superannuation being used to help first home buyers get into the property market by allowing members to dip into their superannuation account. Over the weekend, Tim Wilson told Jane Caro that superannuation should be used to help investors get […]
  • ATO-website
    Employers Cautioned Over ‘Hard and Fast’ Decline in Turnover Eligibility
    Source: Accountants Daily With JobKeeper now requiring entities to satisfy the new actual decline in turnover test, rather than the projected decline in turnover test used earlier in the program, the ATO will be required to follow the strict letter of the law in ensuring the requisite percentage declines are […]
  • smsf
    SMSFs Warned on Quirks with Personal Guarantees, Contributions
    Source: Accountants Daily Given the economic circumstances and the impact of COVID-19, there may be situations with limited recourse borrowing arrangements where the bank or lender calls upon the guarantee where there are defaults on repayments, said DBA Lawyers special counsel Bryce Figot. “You only need to think about a lot […]
9 January 2019

Tax & Franchising

If you run a successful company that offers valuable products or services to consumers, you might want to open other locations to reach a larger audience. Not only will you earn a higher profit, you’ll also help countless new customers while you build your brand from a distance. Instead of […]
31 August 2016

Simple Tax Minimisation Strategies for Melbourne Businesses

Melbourne businesses may not be too keen on welcoming June. After all, the last day of which is also the end of the country’s financial year. It’s the time of the year when business owners are busy implementing their last minute tax planning strategies. Well, this shouldn’t be too complicated […]
3 April 2014

Valuable Tax Advice From Melbourne Accountants

Tax season is one of the dreaded time among business owners. However, with the right Melbourne accountant to help you every step of the way, you never have to dread about audits and costly mistakes that typically comes with faulty or excessive deductions. The problem with most small business owners […]
6 November 2013

Melbourne Accountant Important Tax Tips

Helpful Tips From Your Melbourne Accountant Tax time is something many business owners dread. It’s that time when you will need to drag out boxes of receipts and work with your Melbourne accountant in the preparation of your tax returns. For the past several years, Australian businesses are slowly emerging […]
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