• abn
    Find ABN and GST Errors in Minutes and Smooth Out BAS Review
    A whopping 59.92% of 2,242 Xero accounting files audited by XBert’s AI in the last quarter contained ABN or GST errors. Whether you’re preparing BAS lodgements for clients who do their own bookkeeping, or you simply would like to have a data safety net for your bookkeeping team, AI audit […]
  • SMSF Association
    ‘Election Years Rarely Bode Well for Superannuation’: SMSF Association
    Speaking to sister title, ifa, Peter Burgess said it is hard to tell what’s in store for the sector as “election years rarely bode well for superannuation”. “They usually come with promised changes to superannuation that can unnerve the industry and rattle fund members – especially those in retirement,” Mr […]
  • stock market
    5 Giveaway Signs of Stock Market Scams and How to Avoid Them
    Have you ever seen a pop-up when scrolling through social media or websites claiming a certain platform, financial adviser or celebrity can help you make thousands by ‘investing’ in programs or vehicles that seem to have the secret sauce to making bank with stocks, commodities or crypto assets? While some […]
  • tax claim
    7 Most Surprising Things You Can and Can’t Claim
    Depending on your area of employment, there are a range of tax deductions that could be available. The basic rule is that if you’ve incurred an expense as part of your job, you can claim it. For instance, if you’re a taxi driver, you can claim fuel for your car. […]
  • ATO
    ATO Releases Draft Guidance on Breaches with Super Benefits
    The ATO has published a draft Law Administration Practice Statement, PS LA 2021/D3, which explains when and how the ATO will apply discretion in section 304-10(4) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 where a taxpayer receives a superannuation benefit in breach of the legislative requirements. It is currently under […]
  • professional-firms
    ATO Releases New Guidance on Allocation of Professional Firm Profits
    The ATO has finalised the Practical Compliance Guideline PCG 2021/4 Allocation of professional firm profits – ATO compliance approach, which applies from 1 July 2022. It sets out the ATO’s compliance approach to the allocation of profits or income from professional firms in the assessable income of the individual professional […]
16 January 2018

How an Accountant Can Help With Your New Business

There is hardly any large-scale business that operates without an accountant. Most of them have a team of professional accountants that help them in making better financing decisions by keeping the cost under control. Startups and new businesses need an accountant too. Yes, you can manage your startup yourself but hiring […]
30 October 2017

Accounting for eCommerce

Growing an eCommerce business or integrating an eCommerce solution into your existing business requires accountants with real world experience. Nobel Thomas specialise in guiding you through this process. As eCommerce matures and blends with traditional commerce, modern businesses need advisors who can traverse both spaces. Nobel Thomas are among the […]
3 August 2017

Why Hire A Small Business Accountant?

Considering the number of startups that fail in the first year of business, and the challenges entrepreneurs face on a daily basis, it’s apparent that we must help startups understand the importance of working with dedicated professionals. Does a small business accountant cost money? Of course, and it’s one of […]
19 July 2017

Importance of Recordkeeping

For small business owners, with a little study and familiarisation with your bookkeeping software, you should be able to manage your most basic financial records without the help of a Melbourne accountant. This includes the daily recording of transactions, maintenance of a general ledger, and maintenance of your cash records. There are some […]
10 July 2017

Tips on Choosing Accountants in Melbourne

A new business owner has many choices to make such as selecting an office location to picking bank accounts and finding a good accountant in Melbourne. It can often become overwhelming and the temptation is to take shortcuts. But choosing the right accountant can make a huge difference to a […]
19 December 2016

Why You Need to Get An Accountant in 2017

Most business owners don’t really enjoy bookkeeping or accounting. They end up doing it late at night or on weekends, when they’d rather be spending time with their family and friends. Yet they carry on because they have a do-it-yourself (DIY) attitude and they think hiring an accountant is a […]
29 February 2016

Why Hire a Melbourne Accountant When Acquiring a Business?

The city of Melbourne is a choice spot for businesses. No wonder many of Australia’s biggest companies chose it to house their head offices. If you’re planning to have your own business in this thriving city, acquiring an existing company might pique your interest. Buying a business in Melbourne or […]
13 April 2015

Accounting For Tradesmen

So you consider yourself a smart operator when it comes to offering your professional services, may it be plumbing, electronics, carpentry, landscaping or whatever type of trade you may be in. However, aside from ensuring customer satisfaction, you are also faced of an equally challenging task of keeping your books […]
27 February 2015

Meeting With Your Financial Planner or Melbourne Accountant

You would want to make the most of your first meeting with you financial planner or Melbourne accountant, which can be your trusted Melbourne accountant. Make sure you’re organised and know exactly what to bring. A financial planner or Melbourne accountant is a person who helps us with our finances […]
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