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Nobel Thomas is not your usual business accounting firm in Melbourne that mainly offers tax compliance services. Most of our clients who have been with us through the years are small, thriving businesses and family owned companies that have greatly benefited from our business advisory expertise.

If you are looking for business accounting firm in Melbourne that specialise in helping companies grow their revenues and profits, talk to us. As we work alongside with you in growing your wealth, we also help ensure that your assets and best interests are well protected.

Through the years, aside from accounting and compliance services, we have acquired proven expertise in the following fields:

  • Business coaching
  • Benchmarking
  • Cloud accounting
  • Insurance, loans and mortgages
  • Financial planning

Our team is composed of highly proficient professionals with technical and industry specific skills that are designed to provide clients that strategic edge. With our in-depth knowledge in the following industries, we are able to effectively help business owners understand their business and what specific areas they need to work on:

Builders & Construction

If you are in the building business, then you are familiar with the challenges and competition in this particular industry. Aside from the physical demands that come in this line of work, careful planning and management skills are needed to oversee sub-contractor obligations as well as cashflow.

Nobel Thomas understand the long hours involved in this business, as well as the struggles that come in the administration and bookkeeping functions. Among the most significant financial obligations of a builder operating through a company, trust or as a self-employed builder include BAS, GST and tax payments, among others. In our experience, many builders end up paying excessive amounts of tax as well as exposing their companies to fines due to lack of understanding of the ATO requirements.


In Australia, franchises are considered lucrative businesses with returns averaging $81 billion per year. If you are planning to acquire a franchise, you are essentially investing in a brand or an established business, along with its processes, marketing and systems.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking buying a franchise is like acquiring a business in a box, that you can simply “plug and play.” However, as with any business the franchisee must be a good operator and be aware of the legal requirements that go with running a business.


Over the years, Nobel Thomas has developed a specialised suite of services designed for the hospitality industry. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can assure our clients we deliver more than just accounting services. We function as a business partner committed to working closely, an easily accessible accounting department when they need us, any time of the year and not just during tax season.


Today, more than ever, technology plays an integral role in almost all aspects of businesses, including in the provision of accounting and business advisory services.

One of the key industries Melbourne accountants specialise in include IT businesses. Whether you are into ecommerce, affiliate marketing, domaining, applications and website development, interactive media and games – we have the expertise and experience to help you grow your business by functioning as your company’s accounting team.


As with all businesses, a manufacturing company uses a sequence of events known as just in time to manufacture and a sequence of events known as an accounting cycle to prepare financial statements. Being a manufacturer brings some specific requirements, notably the need to use the accrual method in most cases, and the need to find a system to value inventory.


Nobel Thomas has over 20 years of highly specialised experience in the medical profession. We offer expertise in both your personal and professional financial affairs and understand all the challenges, risks and opportunities you face as you move through the different phases of your career, from graduate to registrar to practice partner.

Property Development

From small mum and dad developers to large property groups, the opportunities and pitfalls that come with developing can be pronounced. The initial feasibility is crucial to ensuring that the development will be mentally and financially rewarding. Nobel Thomas acts for a range of property portfolios including property investors, developers, and related businesses such as surveyors, architects, consulting engineers and estate agents.


Every business, regardless of size or industry, is responsible for its own accounting to supply the financial information regulators require. Small retail stores face several special accounting challenges, both in the form of a complex business and limited resources to devote to the accounting process. An accounting software is among the most convenient and cost effective ways for a small retail shop to manage its accounting in-house. Software packages that meet all of a small retailer’s basic needs sell for anywhere from $300 to more than $1,000 per year.


For more than 20 years, Nobel Thomas has assisted several hundred plumbers, builders, mechanics, carpenters and electricians with their accounting, tax and financial affairs. In fact, these trades have become real niches within our accounting firm in Melbourne.

We appreciate the fact that the long hours and physical demands associated with the trades often mean bookkeeping and administration don’t get the attention they deserve. While GST, BAS and tax payments often represent some of the largest financial obligations for a business, many tradespeople struggle to manage their tax affairs.



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