Authorised Representative No: 1243690

Born and bred in Melbourne, Mert has established himself as one of the highly regarded and sought after Chartered Accountants in Australia today. With over 20 years of experience as a business and tax advisor, Mert has earned an impeccable reputation in the industry and is known for making his clients’ interests his main priority.

In fact, his favourite line is, ‘I would never recommend anything to my clients, which I wouldn’t recommend to myself’. This principle has become the solid foundation of his relationships with his clients.

As the Managing Director of Nobel Thomas, Mert has staunchly promoted transparency with all its company transactions. Thus, you can be sure all services are quoted upfront instead of the usual hourly rate that is widely preferred by many accountants.

Mert explains, ‘I wish to offer my clients certainty over fees. I have come across countless clients expressing their frustration and disappointment over the unpredictable fees charged by their previous accountant.’

Over the years, Mert has grown and maintained a diverse portfolio of clients across various industries, ranging from property, manufacturing and logistics to retail, medical and sports, to mention a few. Aside from his expertise in the field of accounting, Mert is also known for his extensive expertise in website development and internet marketing. This makes him a powerful and strategically in wealth building endeavours.

On a personal level, Mert is happily married with 4 children. He loves spending quality time with his family and traveling. And like most Aussies, he shares a passion for playing and watching tennis, AFL, cricket and golf.

Mert shares, “I would never recommend anything to my clients which I wouldn’t recommend to myself.”

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